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SEO Expert Jason C. Maxwell

SEO Expert Jason C. Maxwell

If you are like most companies you spend a little money to get a presence on the web, but at the end of the day it really doesn’t bring you all that much business. What is the difference between your company’s website and that of the successful internet businesses that are thriving online. Well one thing could be their ability to be found by the search engines. Search engines (like Google) account for a huge amount of traffic. When it comes to local websites this is even more true as Google claims that a huge percentage of their searches are done for local search. I have listed out eight things that you can do to your website in order to bump up your SEO. Give these a try and you will see a huge difference in the impact your site has on your business.

SEO Tip #1 Create Great Content

If the internet were a car then words would be its gasoline. The internet runs on words. When you think of searching online you have to think of words. That is why content is king, or another way of saying this is that words matter. No matter how pretty your site is if it doesn’t have words, and specifically your keywords, then it doesn’t matter to the search engines. Pics and photos are great for humans, but search engine bots cannot read them (yet). So make it a goal to create great content for your site. Create a page or two each week (or as many as you can reasonably do). Make sure those pages use your keywords, but most importantly make sure it is good information that will bring people back to your site time and time again.

SEO Tip #2 Make Your Pages Easy To Find

So many times a company will create great content and it will be hidden under lots and lots of other stuff like flash and javascript. Flash (a software that makes really cool, yet useless animations) is fun to look at sometimes but it gets in the way when it comes to SEO. In terms of SEO it is much better to create a page with simple easy to find navigation. Create the navigation in a bar at the top and even in simple text links at the bottom of the page so that there is no way the search engine can miss it and not index your site fully. Also make sure you have a sitemap for your site, a regular one and one that is created using XML (this one is just for the search engine to read). There are many easy to use tools online that will help you in the creation of your sitemaps.

SEO Tip #3 How Important is PageRank

If you have been studying up on SEO Tips at all you will of course have heard of PageRank. PageRank is actually a proprietary software created by Google before they were even a company by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were still at Stanford. While I have a copy of what many of think is the ACTUAL formula that is not really important. What is important is that you know how to look at your own PageRank and that of your competition. The easiest way that I know how to do this is to download an add-on to the FireFox browser called SEO Quake. With this little add-on you will be able to see your (and your competitions) approximate PageRank. This will help you to determine how much effort you need to put into SEO in order to beat out your foes. Keep in mind though that PageRank is updated only about once every three months so it is not a scale you can look at for instant results.

SEO Tip #4 Getting Great Keywords

You will remember earlier that I said that content is king, well that is true, but it only truly matters if you have content that is full of your specific keywords that you are trying to optimize for. You probably think that you know the words that people use to search for businesses in your industry, but I want you to take a minute and do a little research. Google has a free keyword tool that you can get to here. Go to that tool and sign in using your Google account (Gmail).You can then find out how many times each month a particular keyword or keyword phrase is being searched. You may find out that the words you have been optimizing for really don’t get that many searches, but other synonyms get a lot of searches. If you listen to none of these other SEO tips, please listen to this one…spend time using the keyword tool BEFORE you optimize your site.

SEO Tip #5 What is Your Goal Position

Before you can do anything in life you need to set a goal for it. If you run a search on your favorite search engine for your keywords you should want to be in the top five results that you see on that page. Now in the cases of some keywords phrases which have a ton of competition this will be nearly impossible. That is why it is important to be specific and optimize your site for what I call “long tail keyword phrases”. You see while it may be impossible to optimize your site for the keyword “real estate”, it may be much more feasible to get in the top five results for a phrase like “real estate agent in Topeka”. If you think about it this actually makes more sense too. You wouldn’t want people all over the world finding your real estate site if you only cover a one state region. So think about what your goal is for position, Google says that 80% of the clicks go to the top two positions, but I think with local searches especially there is still a lot of traffic going to those sites that are a few more links down the trail.

SEO Tip #6 Search Engine OPTIMIZATION

What does it really mean to OPTIMIZE. Well it truly just means to do everything possible to help the search engines to find valuable content that you have stored on your website. The problem for most people is that they don’t understand the basic rules of what the search engines use to determine if your site is valuable. Above we have talked about keywords and how important they are. When you determine your keyword phrase you will want to have that phrase in the title of your page, in the body of the content multiple times, and in what are called the h1, h2, and h3 tags. You can also add your keywords to the meta keywords and the meta description if your like although these are not as valuable as they used to be. Overall you just need to have your keywords in every place that makes sense without appearing to STUFF your content with the keywords. It should always read naturally.

SEO Tip #7 Build Lots and Lots of Backlinks

What are backlinks and why are they important? Well you see before the world of search engines people travelled (surfed) the internet by clicking from one link to another on websites. A backlink is a link from one site on the internet to another site. when Google first started it was actually not called Google, its name was Backrub. (No I am not kidding). Backrub’s founders thought that the more backlinks a site had (the more sites that linked to a certain site) the more important that site must be. They gave the example of a college professor who is quoted all the time being more influential than one who is not quoted. Take a look at this illustration and see if you get what I am saying:

seo tips for business


SEO Tip #8 You Need To Get  A Blog

Many of my small business clients fight this idea, but they do so to their own detriment. Having a blog is one of the best ways to get respect from Google. It is also a great way to get links as people will link to the posts in your blog from other places. A blog is basically just a reverse chronological list of posts. Posts can be as small as just a few words up to very long posts of several thousand words. The optimal amount is about 300-400 words. This is another place you you will be using the keyword strategies I listed above. Your blog is the place that people come to find out what you believe in. They come their to get answers to their problems. Your blog sets you apart in your industry as the “go to expert” on the web. So if you do not have a blog, get one started today. My favorite blogging platform is called WordPress. WordPress is currently installed in 30% of Google’s top 1 million ranked sites. If that is not enough for you WordPress is also extremely easy to use.


I hope you have enjoyed these eight SEO tips that I have given you. SEO does not have to be a daunting task full of mystery like so many people make it out to be. SEO can actually be a lot of fun. If you would like more information about SEO and how to make your site rank near the top of the search engine results you should start out by going over to the right hand side of the page and putting in your name and primary email address in the box. When you click the button you will be delivered an ebook that I wrote on SEO For Small Businesses that will tell you all about how to optimize your site to get the most traffic possible. If you are interested in talking to me about the SEO services that I offer through Jay Max Marketing then you should visit our client contact here.


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