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mobile marketing

20% of all Google searches are from mobile devices

Google says that TWENTY PERCENT of all the searches that it carries are requested from a mobile device….iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, HTC, just to name a few. There are over 65 billion smart phone users in the United States and that number will continue to grow as time goes on.

mobile marketing

Are your customers trying to find you with their mobile device? Yes!






What is the difference between a mobile search and a regular search… Let me show you two scenarios…

THE HOME USER: is sitting at home late on a Saturday night surfing the net, he is a little hungry. He plays around on Facebook for awhile, grabs a sandwich from the kitchen, and eventually he gets sleepy and turns off his computer to go to bed. THE MOBILE USER gets a call from his wife. She says “Honey, I am hungry can you pick us up some food on your way home?” He opens up the browser on his phone and searches for “restaurants” in his town.  Which scenario has the user most willing to spend money RIGHT NOW….obviously

THE MOBILE USER: You see when people search for things on their phone they are looking to BUY….and do it NOW! The question is what does your site look like on the small screen of a phone? Here is a local restaurant site on an iPhone

mobile marketing











Looks like a nice site…but without a lot of scrolling I am not sure the USER gets much information…remember the mobile user wants the information NOW! Here is that same site on an iPhone after we optimized it for the restaurant…


mobile marketing

This site is optimized for the mobile experience

No scrolling required…not only is the contact info right there. It also looks like the USER may be able to order online and even find locations…

mobile marketing

This mobile version even lets you find local store locations

Here is what it looks like when you click on the locations button, he is able to quickly and easily find the locations that are near him.

Which site is more likely to get the user’s dollar? Well the choice is quite clear isn’t it.

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing just makes sense, get your site optimized today!

Is your site mobile ready…if it’s not then realize you are not only missing TWENTY PERCENT of the traffic, you are missing the BEST traffic. Find out what your company’s website looks like on a mobile device by going here Give me a call today to discuss how mobile marketing can change the face of your business online.

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