Learn About QR Codes

QR Codes or 2 dimensional bar codes are fast becoming a way to communicate with your customers who have smart phones.

Most smart phones now come installed with a QR scanner on the device. If they do not have one you can easily (and usually for free) download one from the app store. These programs use the camera on the phone to scan the printed (or web) QR code, the program then translates the code into an action on the device.

This is what a QR code looks like:qr code

If you take out your phone and scan this code (go ahead it even works on the screen) your phone will automatically open up a web browser and take you to my sites homepage http://www.JayMaxMarketing.com

So if you have a website then make sure your QR code is on all your advertisements so that people can scan instead of typing in the web address. This can point to ANY website and it doesn’t even have to be owned by you. You could point them to your Facebook page for instance or to your profile page on Twitter so that they can follow you. There are a million ideas you can use this for and you can get all the QR Codes you want for free by using out free QR code generator.


There are more ideas you can use QR codes for…

You can have QR codes that automatically:

With all this functionality there is really no limit to all the things that you can do with QR codes for your business. But let me leave you with one final idea, and this is a good one you should use immediately:


Great Use For QR Codes:

Offer a 10% discount for anyone that comes into your business with a smartphone. In order to get the discount they must use their phone to scan your QR code. (Get your free QR code by going here). When they scan the code their device will automatically take them to your Facebook Fan Page and they will “Like” it which will expand your network  OR when they scan your QR code it will take them to your Google Places website where they can leave a positive review for others who find you online.

I look forward to being able to help you with all your mobile marketing needs including QR codes, just drop me a line by clicking here on the QR code contact form

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