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If you have not heard about Facebook then you are likely living under a rock somewhere. Facebook is
THE biggest site in the world. Here are some reasons that you should be advertising your business on Facebook:


At this last year’s SUPERBOWL all the advertisers pushed viewers to visit their Facebook page.

WHY? Why would these companies spend millions of dollars to publicize Facebook? Because
they know that people who join their Facebook page spread the news about their company
virally to all their friends and to all their friends, friends.

If your business does not have a presence on Facebook you are missing the boat.

Here is an example of a client of mine…Rachel Oliver. Rachel is one of the stars of the hit new show
EXTREME MAKEOVER: Weight Loss Edition.

rachel oliver facebook marketing

Rachel Oliver facebook marketing

She is now training to become a personal trainer and she is using this Fan page to create a following for her new business:

Rachel Oliver's Facebook Fan Page

Rachel Oliver's Facebook Fan Page

When I create Facebook fan pages I like to take the VIRAL…this means I use certain secret marketing techniques to make sure that they grow OUT OF CONTROL with fans on Facebook. This spreads like wildfire and it means that every time I post something for you on Facebook….lots and lots of your customers are going to see it. Take a look at this page I created. Literally within 24 hours I had over 2,000 people that had become my fans.

Over 2000 likes in 24 hours

Over 2000 likes in 24 hours

In fact I logged in one time after a few hours and I saw this…. “1k” new likes (1,000 new likes). Wouldn’t you like to log into your Facebook and see that many people have taken an interest in your business?

Over 2000 likes in 24 hours

Over 2000 likes in 24 hours

If you really want to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL on facebook, than what you need is a Facebook App. Facebook apps spread like crazy and they allow you to deliver a coupon or some other special offer to your potential customers. The best thing about a Facebook App is that they also allow you the ability to AUTOMATICALLY collect the name and primary email address of the people that use the app. This means that you can grow a huge email list of potential customers that you can market your products, services and upcoming specials to for months and years to come.

Not only does the Facebook App gather email addresses for you, but it gathers the demographics of the people who use your App. It will tell you their interests and likes…what an amazing tool for marketing to your potential customers. Here is an example of an App I created for a client recently.

facebook App

Get your own Facebook Application

Facebook Marketing is more than just Fan Pages. Facebook also has one of the most amazing advertising platforms in the world. Imagine being able to only show your ads to people who are very likely to buy your products and services. Well if that sounds good to you then Facebook has cornered the market on advertising. If you wanted to you could advertise just to 22 year old males in your city who have finished high school, are employed, and who have a birthday within the next week…how amazing is that?

The more targeted your advertisement the more likely it is that the people who see your ads will buy and be happy about their purchases. In the world of Marketing Facebook has really done some amazing work. I can set up your business to profit from this amazing social network in ways that will blow your competition away.


Are you ready to find out more…click this link to contact me directly for a free consultation about your online marketing needs? Don’t delay…your competition isn’t going to!

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