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Jason C. Maxwell

If you have been visiting this blog and my main website http://www.JayMaxMarketing.com for a while you will notice that I have made some significant changes to the site. I am trying to get my site more in line with what I do in my business and so I have made a lot of changes to organize and exhibit things a little better.

The first thing you will notice is that the site is really built for two different types of visitors. #1 The local business who wants to find out more about my services and #2 the web entrepreneur who is looking to learn more about how to make a living online.

I have built out both of these parts of the websites to be helpful to the end user.

There is a free QR code generator that will allow you to make QR codes and download them for your own use. (Please tell everyone about this really cool little utility.)

There is a section on SEO that teaches you the eight main things that you need in order to make your site search engine friendly.

There is a section devoted to the products that I have created. You can peruse those products and even see products that I created as part of a joint venture.

and lots and lots more…click around and enjoy the new site. If you see any mistakes please email me by going to the contact form here.

Please post comments below if you take a look at the site and like it…

Jason C. Maxwell




Jason C. Maxwell


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