Communication In Business | A Guest Post By Carol Pilkington

This is a guest post by my friend Carol Pilkington about Communication In Business, I know you will love it:

There are 3 C’s of communication in business.

  • Clarity of message
  • Commitment to be attentive
  • Comprehension of what another expresses



Clarity of Message – When we are clear about what our motivations are to share information with another, we then can clearly convey our intentions and message with minimal misunderstanding.   This creates a flow and a feeling of connection.  When our mind is confused and we are scattered that is how our message will be delivered and received.  Think about what you want to say before speaking.


Commitment to be Attentive – We all know how it feels not to be heard or seen and how it makes us feel.  When with another be sure first of all that you want to be with them.  If you do then make a priority to give that individual the attention they deserve.  Whether it is a one on one conversation or when someone is speaking in front of the room.  I’m always amazed, when someone is speaking to an audience whether it is their elevator speech or a presentation at how much side conversation takes place.  We don’t make the person speaking real to us.  Because if we did we would surely be as attentive to them as we would want others to be to us.  Often times it is because our minds are so filled with chatter that we don’t even realize that our mouths are going.  It is habitual.  How attentive is one when they are in conversation with another and they are distracted by everything and everyone around them?  You know when you have someone’s undivided attention, the feeling is undeniable.  We feel energized and joyful.


Comprehension of What Another Expresses – There is nothing worse when we walk away from a conversation wondering what the person just said after speaking to us for 10 minutes or more.  Part of making sure the conversation is a two way flow is to be interested enough to ask questions when we don’t understand something.  Some people may feel shy because they might be thought of as stupid or dumb.  A lot of times our own considerations about ourselves block us from really being engaged in a conversation.  We may think we should know something already or that asking questions are not appropriate.  It’s not always just about us.  When you don’t understand what is being said it could very well be that the speaker really isn’t being very clear.  By asking questions it can actually help another become clear and being able to better convey what they mean.  It also lets them know you are being attentive and really are engaged to want to understand what they are saying.


Carol Pilkington

Relate To Succeed



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