Affiliate Marketing and SEO – A Match Made In Heaven

Hey friends, this is a guest post by my good friend Susanne Myers…she has written a really cool article here that you should check out!

Affiliate Marketing and SEO – A Match Made In Heaven

By Susanne Myers

One of the first things I got very good at when I started getting serious about Affiliate Marketing was SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is a technique that allows you to present your content in a way that makes it appear highly in the search engines – Google in particular – for a given keyword.

For example, I may write and rank a page or blog post on my website for a term like “how to potty train a 2-year old”. I then work on ranking it well in Google and finally monetize it by mentioning a potty training ebook that I happen to be an affiliate for.

The beauty of this strategy is that I can do the work once, and then have traffic and sales coming in 24/7 while my page ranks. It’s a very passive stream of income once it is set up. Let me show you how I go about doing this.

It Starts With The Right Keywords

Since I’m focusing on free SEO traffic, I start with a keyword first. I look for longtail keyphrases of 3 or more words that will be easy to rank for on individual blog posts and articles. A great tool to use is the free keyword tool from Wordtracker at

Sometimes I start with keyword research and come up with the topic for the blog post from there and other times I have an idea in mind and find a keyword that’s a good match. Either way works.

Optimizing Titles and Content

The next step is to come up with a good title. I work my keyword in as early as possible and then work on making it interesting and engaging. Remember, the title is what will make your readers decide whether or not they will read your content.

A great way to get awesome title ideas is to look at magazine covers. You can easily take those titles, use them as templates and create your own versions that fit your niche and content.

Throwing In Links and Social Media

Without some links, your content won’t be found, which is why it important to do at least a little something to promote it. Since we are going after long tail keywords, we don’t need to build hundreds of links, but a few here and there will help. Your content will be found faster and will rank higher.

There are a couple of different things we can do here:

  • Internal Links – Link to your new post from one or two older, established posts or articles on your site.
  • Social Media – Tweet about your new post, put it on Facebook etc. Not only will it be found quickly this way, you’ll also get some fast initial traffic.
  • Social Bookmarking – Get in the habit to bookmark each new post with at least two different social bookmarking sites. Consider installing a plugin like Sociable to allow your readers to do the same.
  • Articles – Write a simple but informative article and link to two of your blog posts from your author bio. Submit the article to an article directory. You can do the same with guest blog posts.
  • Comments and Forums – As you’re reading related blogs or are browsing through forums in your niche or comment and reply using your new blog post as the link in your comments or mention it in the signature of your forum profile.

Doing a couple of these things for each blog post should be enough to get it ranking … if you don’t forget about the last ingredient to this ranking recipe.

The Secret Ingredient – Time

Last but not least, give it some time. Don’t go checking your rankings every five minutes. Sit back and work on something else. Then come back the next day and see if it’s ranking. If not, add another link and give it a few more days. Use that time to add more keyword optimized content to your site and don’t forget to get some new links to your home page as well.

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