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SEO Expert Jason C. Maxwell

SEO Expert Jason C. Maxwell

Jay Max Marketing was founded by Jason C. Maxwell. Jason is an internet strategist, author, and trainer. Here is his story:

Ten years ago I was working for one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. I was making lots of money, and for a guy in his early 20’s I thought I was doing pretty well. The problem was, I never saved a dime of what I made and I spent money like it was water. Then the damn burst and everyone (or nearly everyone) in my industry lost their jobs. It was awful because I went from over $200k a year to looking for jobs that paid minimum wage.

After several years things got even worse…my Father passed away from cancer and I went into a deep depression. Life was really beating me up and I was doing nothing to help myself. It got so bad that at my lowest point I was basically homeless. A friend of the family took me in and allowed me to live on his farm. I am a city boy and although I was glad to have a roof over my head doing farm work was miserable for me.

It was around this time that I met Connie Ragen Green and we became personal friends. Connie told me that she had a business online. I naively assumed that she must sell things on Ebay or some other site. Little did I know that my new friend would be an inspiration in changing my life. About 6 months later I was surfing the net one day and I ran a Google search for Connie. By the time I typed in “Connie Ra” Google auto-suggested her name. At this point I knew very little about internet marketing, but I did know it was a big deal for Google to auto-suggest your name.

After a little research I realized that my friend is actually an internet superstar…so I called her and asked for her help.

Connie sent me lots of great information and got me started blogging and writing articles. I spent the next twelve months struggling to learn all I could about marketing things online. I struggled and fought to get the best information and at many times I felt very overwhelmed. About 11 months into my journey Connie “strong=armed” me into going to a conference in Atlanta that was put on by Armand Morin. It was during that conference that the pieces really came together for me.

Within a short amount of time I started a very successful offline marketing company for small businesses. Later Connie, myself and Geoff Hoff created the Money From Mini Sites program which was wildly successful. Within a year or so I had people asking me to become their coach so I started my coaching programs.

In August of 2011, my first book was published by Amazon. It is called “Local Business Insane Results”. It teaches small businesses the secrets of using the internet to increase their profits. Currently I am the CEO of Jay Max Marketing a business that is focused on helping small business owners and coaching new and intermediate web entrepreneurs to be more successful.


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